EmanicsLab Charter

EmanicsLab is an instantiation of PlanetLab that is restricted in terms of the number of participating institutions and can therefore provide services that require resources or trust relationships that are not present in other larger scale PlanetLab installations.

EmanicsLab was initially funded and organized by the European EMANICS Network of Excellence. The EmanicsLab Charter defines the rules for the future evolution of EmanicsLab that govern the further development of EmanicsLab past the end of EMANICS project. Changes to this charter have to be approved by a two-thirds majority of EmanicsLab partners.

EmanicsLab Administrator

The EmanicsLab Administrator is the trusted institution running myPLC for EmanicsLab and serves as the primary contact for any technical and administrative questions. The EmanicsLab Administrator is also responsible for the execution of peerings with other organizations such as PlanetLab Europe.

EmanicsLab Steering Committee

The EmanicsLab Steering Committee is the main responsible organization and discusses any policy related issues. It can decide on the following tasks:

  • The addition and removal of EmanicsLab partner sites.
  • The collaboration with other institutions such as PlanetLab Europe.
  • The definition of usage and peering policies.
  • The resolution of conflicts that can not be solved by the EmanicsLab Administrator.
  • The approval / revocation of the EmanicsLab Administrator.

The EmanicsLab Steering Committee consists of 5 people. Steering committee members are elected by a majority vote of all EmanicsLab partners. The term is limited to three years. It is suggested that steering committee members do not rotate all at the same time.

The EmanicsLab Steering Committee elects by a majority vote the EmanicsLab Steering Committee Chair. The chair is responsible for organizing and running EmanicsLab Steering Committee meetings and he serves as the primary contact point for the EmanicsLab Steering

Acceptable Use Policy

The usage of the EmanicsLab infrastructure is regulated by an acceptable use policy. At the time of this writing, EmanicsLab members have to sign the PlanetLab Europe Acceptable Use Policy or the PlanetLab Acceptable Use Policy.

Initial Leadership Composition

The University of Zurich (Burkhard Stiller) is acting as the initial EmanicsLab Administrator. The initial EmanicsLab Steering Committee consists of top EmanicsLab users:

  • Jacobs University Bremen (Jürgen Schönwälder)
  • University of Catalunya (Joan Serrat)
  • University of Twente (Aiko Pras)
  • University of Zurich (Burkhard Stiller)
  • INRIA Nancy (Olivier Festor)

The initial Steering Committee Chair is Jürgen Schönwälder (Jacobs University Bremen).