Trouble Tickets

Status Opened Site Description
OPEN 26.09.2014 ELC Ganglia does not show any nodes yet.
OPEN 26.09.2014 PSNC EmanicsLab2 is down due to boot problems.
OPEN 26.09.2014 UniBwM Nodes have been taken down for administrative reasons
CLOSED 01.04.2011 INRIA The hosts and will be down at 5pm today and should be up on monday morning.
CLOSED 10.03.2011 UPI In the course of updating EmanicsLab to a new version the following nodes are currently down:,
CLOSED 09.12.2010 UCL The two UCL nodes are down. The problem will be investigated on Monday. Update: emanics2 is up again. emanics1 is down due to hardware failure.
CLOSED 07.12.2010 INRIA Inria nodes host1 & are down due to electrical power maintenance. They should be up on 08.12. around 10 am CET.
CLOSED 29.11.2010 PSNC Both PSNC nodes are currently down.
CLOSED 08.11.2010 INRIA and are currently down due to an unexpected power cut.
CLOSED 29.10.2010 UPI is currently down.
CLOSED 10.09.2010 UPC Due to a hardware failure, is currently not active. The acquisition of a new PC is expected to happen in the course of one month. Update: there are some problems with the installation of the new hardware
CLOSED 19.08.2010 UPC Moscu and Muro will be powered off from August 19-20 due to maintenance of the Campus' general power supply infrastructure
CLOSED 06.08.2010 UPC is currently down.
CLOSED 28.07.2010 UCL Due to power outage, the two UCL nodes will be down for 1-2 hours sometime in the next day or two.
CLOSED 28.07.2010 LMU is currently down.
CLOSED 11.07.2010 LMU One LMU node is currently down after a power outage.
CLOSED 11.07.2010 INRIA One INRIA node ( is currently down.
CLOSED 01.06.2010 LMU LMU nodes will go down for 1-2 days due to a construction work and relocation of cable canals
CLOSED 03.02.2010 INRIA INRIA nodes ( and will be down from Friday the 5th at 4 pm to monday 8th in the morning.
CLOSED 03.02.2010 ELC EmanicsLab Central is down following a hardware (memory) failure.
CLOSED 05.12.2009 INRIA Nodes are down after a power interruption
CLOSED 10.11.2009 UPC Nodes are currently down after a portscan which looked like an incident
CLOSED 28.09.2009 INRIA Because of electrical maintenance, the Inria nodes and will be down from thursday the 1st of october noon (12:00) to monday the 5th in the morning.
CLOSED 23.09.2009 UPC cannot be accessed.
CLOSED 14.08.2009 UPC Site down after power outage for maintenance reasons
CLOSED 03.08.2009 UPI cannot boot after a power failure. The hard disk has been replaced.